standard-title FAQ’s


Question: What is ambulatory foot and ankle surgery?

Answer: Ambulatory foot and ankle surgery, in most cases, is performed in an outpatient surgical center, outpatient hospital, or a doctors’s office under local anesthetic. Small incisions are made in the patient’s skin and specially designed instruments are inserted into the incised areas. The entire procedure is performed through this tiny incision. At the conclusion of the surgery, a few stitches may be used to close the opening and a small bandage protects the area. The patient generally leaves the office, surgery center, or outpatient hospital walking wearing a post-operative shoe.

Question: Do you treat sports injuries?

Answer: Yes, Dr. Fanous treats many foot and ankle sports injuries.

Question: Do you treat pediatric foot problems?

Answer: Yes! Dr. Fanous treats all pediatric foot and ankle conditions, from warts to flat feet and congenital deformities.

Question: Do you accept worker’s compensation patients?

Answer: Of course! Dr. Fanous will treat worker’s compensation claims.

Question: Are custom orthotics available?

Answer: Yes, they are available. A digital scan of your feet will be taken in our office. Your custom inserts are made from this “map” of your feet.

Question: What if you are not on my plan?

Answer: We accept Medicare and most private insurance plans. Our office offers a variety of financial options for our patients. If a patient has insurance and we are not on their plan, we will try our best to maximize the out-of-network benefits in order to complete the recommended treatment and minimize the patient’s out-of-pocket expense.

Additionally, we are dedicated to our patients to make payments as comfortable as possible. We also accept most major credit cards.

Question: Why Dr. Fanous?

Answer: Dr. Fanous began his private practice in 1988. He is a highly qualified foot and ankle surgeon with expertise in endoscopic, minimally invasive procedures that can get you back on your feet the same day. Dr. Fanous is a renowned international lecturer and speaker on cutting edge surgical procedures. He is a physician trainer and is often called upon to consult on difficult and complicated surgical cases. Dr. Fanous is a Fellow of The Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgeons and is currently the Vice President of the academy. He was a former Founder, Director and Chief of Podiatric Residency Training Program at Anaheim General Hospital.